Official Cover Reveal

Introducing “The Prior”!

Prior front cover


I’ve learned how to jump into pictures and become other people in some alternate reality. I’ve learned how to be a wife, a ruler, a Provider. Now, I’m back in the real world.

Remember when I said somebody might want us all dead? Yeah, so that happened. I mean, it almost happened–that whole jumping-into-pictures thing saved me. For now. But Sarah…she’s still out there, somewhere.

Even though I kind of skipped a few years, I’m legally an adult now, and I’m officially on the run. Now, I have to learn a whole new set of tricks.

Except, well, it turns out I’m having to figure out a lot more stuff than I bargained for. I have to learn how to make it on my own, and I’m trying to find Sarah, and I still have to make sure nobody’s killing off the people who share my talent, so now, on top of everything else, I have to try to save the world.

Well, part of the world. My world. And, this time, there’s no safety net…

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