Muse Monday: I think we all have ADD

I saw this picture come across my Facebook news feed recently:




It made me laugh. Been there, done that! Apparently, lots and lots of us have been there. When I tried to look up this picture, I came across dozens of versions of it. They call it ADD or ADHD, but writers have another term for it:

Stream of consciousness writing.

I have never tried to do SOC writing. I focus on the words that I’m typing specifically so that my brain doesn’t go off on fifty tangents. Apparently, some writers find SOC to be a very helpful tool. They’ll either use it to show one of their characters’ thought processes, or they’ll just type whatever comes to mind in order to find inspiration.

I tend to shy away from SOC writing, but I actually use the thought process quite a bit on my books. Or the reverse process. For example: I’ll be washing dishes (my favorite thinking time) and thinking about where my book is going to end. The next time I tune in to what I’m thinking about, it’s a road trip to California. I’ll stop myself and try to connect the dots backwards, getting back to what my original thought was. Somewhere in the middle, I usually find the missing piece of the chapter I’m working on.

It might be a little ADD-ish, but it works for me.

In other news…oh, look! A chicken! 😀

One thought on “Muse Monday: I think we all have ADD

  1. SOC writing can be very productive and an incredible resource…unencumbered free-style writing enables creativity that otherwise may never surface otherwise. That process cannot be bad, particularly for individuals suffering from writer’s block “:)

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