Muse Monday: Creepy hotels, bad weather, and book selling

I’m back from my book-release! It was a great week, and I learned so much. Let me share a little of it with you.

1- Don’t automatically trust national chain hotels. We stayed at two of the big-name brands (how many national chains are there?) during our trip. One of them was fine, one of them was far from it. This hotel was somewhere between The Haunting, The Shining, and Hotel California. I had no idea that “let’s put lion heads on lamps” was still in fashion. What do I know? They had these enormous mirrors (floor to ceiling, and about twenty feet wide) set up in random places. And I’ve never seen a hallway that wide and long in a hotel. And, of course, said hallway was not very well lit. I was thoroughly expecting “come play with us” to happen any time. Creepy!! Plus the floor liked to give, shake, and squeak. And the door to our room didn’t fit the frame. There was easily a half-inch gap when the door was closed. Yeah, we moved furniture in front of it before we went to sleep. Totally creeptastic, but at least we got a good story out of it!

2- When your cell phone, that has never given you a weather warning before, randomly alarms and tells you that there’s a flash flood warning where you are…BELIEVE IT! We were just about to get back in the car at the welcome center north of Ft. Worth when both of our phones started screaming at us. We got back into the car in a hurry, just in time to go nowhere fast. Thankfully, the freeway was higher than the side roads. We didn’t have to worry about too much flooding. The side streets and feeder roads were another matter entirely. Those streets were so flooded, I could see white caps on the water running down them.

3- Don’t underestimate the power of people working together. We had the opportunity to drive through Moore, Oklahoma, on our trip. I drove through there last year, very shortly after they were struck by a massive tornado that killed dozens, injured hundreds more, and flattened buildings all over the place. The tornado crossed right over the interstate, so it was easy to see the damage while we were driving. Seeing how much has been rebuilt and repaired in just a year was amazing. Good for them!

4- Selling books is fun! It was wonderful to see so many people that I know and love, but it was also thrilling to sell to total strangers. Having people buy your book just because you’re there to sign it, or because they saw your face on the sign outside of the bookstore, is an amazing feeling. These are people who have no idea what the book is about, what the story line is, etc. And that’s pretty cool.

That’s just the highlights of what happened while I was gone. I’ll have to tell you more in another post. Now that I’m home, I’m hoping to get back on a regular blogging schedule. We’ll see how well that works out. 😉

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