Muse Monday: Stuck on the wrong part

I finished my trilogy! Well…kinda.

I knew that writing the end of the third book was going to be heartbreaking for me. Finishing the story, telling all of these characters that I was done with their stories…tragic. So, I went ahead and wrote the end of the book. I still have to go back to (roughly) the middle of it and GET to the end, but I’ve written the end.

And now I’m stuck on it.

I did the right thing by going ahead and doing the ending. I know that. If I had waited until the book was all the way done before I wrote the end, it would have taken me months to type it all out. Telling the characters “goodbye,” but still being able to go back and interact with them some more, was definitely the way I needed to do it. But, I keep running over the ending in my head. I’m almost to the point of obsessing over it. And that’s not good.

I’m trying to tell myself to just write out the rest of the book. The ending can always be tweaked and tuned. In all honesty, it could be deleted and completely redone. That wouldn’t be so bad. But I can’t quite seem to convince myself that it’s really okay.

I want to make sure that I’ve shown how loving this one is, how brave that one is, how funny the other one is. I want to have an appropriate ending for my villain(s), to make sure that he/she/they won’t be a problem anymore. I want to have an appropriate end for my heroine, because I really do believe in Happily Ever After. (I don’t believe in “Easily Ever After,” but that’s a different blog post.)

Maybe I’m developing some kind of OCD. I’m related to a psychiatrist, so I know somewhere to get a professional opinion. Of course, said shrink told me it was perfectly okay that I now have twenty plus imaginary friends. Maybe I should look elsewhere for a diagnosis. 😉

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