Muse Monday: In hot water again

Many people use the phrase “in hot water” to mean that they’re in trouble. For me, being in hot water is a good thing.

Washing dishes is my plotting time. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s genetic. My mother and grandmother have both said that dish-washing time is thinking time for them. Showers/baths/hot tubs don’t work the same way. That’s still thinking time, but it’s usually thinking about things that need to be done.

When I’m washing dishes, I have great ideas for my books. Most of the time, it’s unintentional. I’ll be in the middle of washing a bowl and go, “Oh! That’s what I can do with that!” And then the rest of the dishes don’t get washed because I’ve gone running for my keyboard.

There have been times, however, where I’ll wash dishes specifically to get over what some people euphemistically call “writer’s block.” I’ve had at least two times where I’ve actually gone and gotten clean dishes out of the cabinet so that I’d have something to wash, since all of the dishes were already clean. I usually pick plates. They’re the easiest thing to wash and dry. I’m not stupid. 😉

My husband has finally gotten used to my fascination with washing dishes. When I first figured out that dish-washing time was creative time, I turned our dishwasher into a dish drainer. He saw that the dishwasher was full, so he went to put soap in it. I screeched at him and asked him what he was doing. Poor man. He gave me a very “duh” look and told me he was putting soap in the dishwasher. I told him that the dishes were already clean, because I’d washed them. “You do know that a dishwasher will do that for you, right?” I had to explain why I’d already washed them. He didn’t understand, but he accepted. I love that man.

It might be a weird place to find inspiration, but it works for me. If you need me, I’ll be washing dishes. 🙂

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