Family Friday: I’m doing what?

I love that my children know I’m willing to do just about anything for them. I really do. It makes me feel good.

But it’s sometimes surprising to find out what they’ve volunteered me to do. 🙂

Early in the school year, my eldest told me that she’d volunteered me to be one of the adults who would accompany her entire grade to the zoo. Well, okay. As it turned out, that was one of the most miserable field trips ever. It was thirty three degrees outside (or one, for those of you who don’t follow Fahrenheit scales), spitting rain and snow, and incredibly windy. The polar bears were having the time of their lives, but the poor giraffes had the shivers.

A few months later, she volunteered me to be a driver for her class to go to a competition. That particular trip happened to be on the morning following a seven-inch snowfall. (I’m starting to detect a theme here.)

Monday of this week, when I picked my eldest up from school, I was told that I’ve been volunteered to drive for the field trip they have this month to a museum. Sure. Why not? I asked her if she brought home any kind of paper that will tell me what day/time this field trip is going to be. “She’s going to give that to us tomorrow.” I’ve heard this answer for four school days in a row. Fantastic.

Last night, when I picked my youngest up from school, she told me that she volunteered me to go with her class on the field trip they’re taking to a museum this month. Sure. Why not? Well, she didn’t have a paper about her field trip, either. I started to get the feeling that these field trips are going to happen on the same day.

I told my girls that it’s a race now to see who can get their field trip paperwork to Mom the fastest. If the field trips are on the same day, I’m going to go on the first one I find out about. Knowing their competitive natures, I’m thoroughly expecting to have two field trip fliers in my hand tonight. 🙂

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