Family Friday: Getting older

I’m sure that most generations like to reminisce about the things that have changed in their lifetime. I have one thing from my youth that I dearly miss today:

The grocery carts.

You might remember the ones I’m talking about. They were nice and tall, with a square basket that was about 3 feet long and across. My measurements might be off, because I was so young the last time I used one of them, but I’m probably close. When you were done using the cart, the basket would lift up. The baskets in storage, to my young mind, looked like wheeled, metal soldiers standing for inspection.

Why did we get rid of these?

The carts that we have now probably hold more groceries, but they’re so hard to reach. I’m close to six feet tall, and my husband is four or five inches taller than I am. Both of us feel like we’re doing contorted toe-touches when we try to get groceries out of the bottom of the cart. And our youngest daughter, bless her, isn’t tall enough to reach anything in the basket, unless it’s right at the top.

The carts of our youth were easy to reach. The walls of the basket were only about eight or ten inches high. Everything was right there at waist/hip/elbow level, where it was reachable. If you had something big, like a fifty pound bag of dog food, it could go underneath the basket. You just had to bend down once.

It’s become a competition for us when we go to the grocery store now. Not against each other, but against the cart. We don’t have little ones anymore, thankfully, so we don’t use the child seat that’s at the top of the cart. We try to see how many groceries we can fit into that seat before they start spilling over into the bottom of the basket. It’s like playing Jenga with canned goods.

I don’t think any of the stores around here are going to go back to those old carts. They’re probably more expensive, or less environmentally friendly. I have no idea. But, I miss them.

Wow, I just wrote a eulogy for a grocery cart. That might be a first. 🙂

Have a great weekend, my friends!

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