Muse Monday: Office equipment

I’ve discovered that writing is really hard on office equipment. Sixteen months ago, I started writing the first book in my trilogy. In the last sixteen months, I have gone through:

-Two desks

-One printer

-A keyboard/mouse combo

-Two desk chairs

I’m not even going to get into paper, ink, and envelopes. I don’t want to think about it.

To be fair, the desks weren’t all purchases. When I started writing, I had my brother’s desk and he had mine. Partway through my second book, we switched desks back. Well, the desk that belonged to me was too big for the home we have now. We made it work, for a little while, before we gave in and went to buy a new desk. I’ve teased my husband that I can’t write another book, because I’m averaging a desk per book. He’s okay with buying me more desks. 😉

The printer just gave up and died. Dead, dead, dead. I like my new one much better, anyway.

I’ll tell you more about the keyboard in next week’s post. My old mouse was fine, but the keyboard and mouse are sold as a set.

The first desk chair I got rid of was old. It had zero cushion left to it, had a rip or two (thank you, kitty) in the back of the seat, the wheels didn’t like to roll anymore, and it was ugly. All of that was stuff that I could deal with. My honey found me a new desk chair on clearance, so he bought it for me. I loved it. It was comfortable, I could lean back when I needed a brain break, all five of the wheels worked. It was beautiful. The day before yesterday, it died. Something broke in it, and the seat won’t stay level. If you sit down in it, it immediately tries to dump you forward onto the floor. So, we’re going shopping for a new desk chair this weekend.

Long story short, writing my trilogy hasn’t been a cheap process for me. It has, however, been worth every penny spent. I’d do it again in a heartbeat. 🙂

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