Family Friday: The best feelings

I recently saw a post about 20 pleasures in life that are very underrated. It got me to thinking: What would my list be? Well, here goes.

1 – “No reason” hugs/kisses/I-love-yous from my kids. When one of them randomly walks up to me, throws her arms around me, and says “I love you, Mommy,” it’s just awesome.

2 – Holding my honey and smelling the smell that is uniquely him. Not the detergent we use, not his cologne, just that smell that he has. After fourteen years, it’s so comforting.

3 – That first hug when you see someone you care about deeply and you’ve been apart for months or years. That one hug that makes it seem like it hasn’t been any time at all. I’m lucky enough to get these several times a year, since my best friend and most of my family are 1,000 or more miles away.

4 – Bacon, coffee, and most anything chocolate. I don’t think that needs any expounding. 😉

5 – Being able to cuddle up in bed with the windows open while rain falls on the tin roof of the porch. This one stretches back to my childhood, and isn’t something that I get to experience too often in semi-desert Colorado. I miss it. Also, the smell of rain, especially on freshly cut grass. Same reason.

6 – When the plane lands safely and you relax all of the muscles you didn’t even realize you were clenching.

7 – Having a warm animal cuddle up to you on a cold evening.

8 – The smell of baking bread or cookies. Even though I love sweets, I’d have to say that the bread actually wins.

9 – Coming home from vacation to a completely clean house. It’s sometimes a pain to make it pristine before you leave, but it’s so worth it when you get back.

10 – That magical feeling of turning the alarm switch to “off” on Friday nights.

11 – Holding a baby. It’s especially true when the child is your own, but it works with any baby. The miracle of this tiny human, wondering who he/she will be, what he/she will dream and accomplish. It’s a tiny moment of magic.

12 – Staying in a hotel for multiple days and knowing that the bed is magically going to get made while you’re gone. Housekeepers are awesome.

13 – Laughing until it hurts and you have tears rolling out of your eyes and your face is red and you may or may not have snorted because you can barely breathe and you look like an idiot but you’ll giggle about it again in half an hour because it’s still so funny. (KJ and Michael, that one’s for you.)

14 – The first plunge into a perfectly cool swimming pool on a blisteringly hot day.

15 – The forty-five seconds of “Wow, all the laundry’s done” and/or “Wow, all the dishes are clean.”

16 – Having someone else wash my hair. This one, for me, is a genuine luxury. I have very long and ridiculously thick hair. Having someone else wash and dry it is just wonderful.

17 – The moment of anticipation when you hit/throw a ball and you know it’s going to go EXACTLY where you want it to go. The thrill of waiting for it to get there, and then celebrating when it does. This occasionally happens for me in bowling. Other sports…not so much.

18 – The look on a shelter animal’s face when you adopt them and take them home. I’ve been blessed enough to see this look several times in my life. That moment of “Wow, this human actually loves me” is humbling and beautiful at the same time.

19 – Accomplishing something, no matter how small, that you’ve seen as a goal. Ask my husband about me giggling like a lunatic in the kitchen the first time I figured out how to flip an omelet without using a spatula.

20 – When you’ve been in the car for hours and you finally get to stand up straight and work all of the kinks out. Heaven.

There may be a few of those that could be changed, but, off the cuff, I’d say that’s my top twenty. What would yours be?

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