Muse Monday: What should I write?

There are plenty of articles that talk about the rules of writing, how to write, how to get published, how to make a good story, etc. When I started writing my books, I had to figure out what I wanted to write. For me, the answer was obvious: write a book that I’d want to read.

When it comes to fiction, I’m very specific in what I’m looking for: I want a story that I can escape into. It can be romance, young adult, sci-fi, fantasy, whatever. I don’t really care which genre it’s in, as long as it can transport me to a different world. There are tons of weighty issues that deserve to have attention brought to them, but I read about those in news articles and blog posts. When I’m reading for fun, I prefer happy stories.

No, real life isn’t always happy. There’s heartache and frustration and fear. But I like books that stress the good more than the bad. That’s my general attitude about life: yeah, this is pretty hard, but look how much good I still have! I tried to write my books the same way.

My heroine, Kenzie, does wind up in a dangerous situation. More than one. Instead of curling up in a ball and crying, or getting mad at the world, she just moved on with trying to fix the issues. She got help from the people she cared about and trusted, and did her best to handle each situation as it came to her. While she was doing it, she found a way to enjoy the little moments.

That’s why it was so hard for me to pick one genre for my book. Yes, it’s fantasy, but there’s also a lot of humor in it. I think life can often be a “laugh or you’re going to cry” situation. I far prefer laughing. 🙂

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