Family Friday: learning not to say “never”

There’s a James Bond movie called “Never Say Never Again.” The story goes that Sean Connery told his wife he’d never play James Bond again. When he agreed to do that movie, she told him “Never say ‘never’ again.” I learned the same lesson.

My husband and I moved a lot in the first few years of our marriage. In 2008, we finally bought our first house. It was a cute 3-bedroom house on a dead-end street. We loved it, because that meant we didn’t have to deal with traffic coming down the street so our girls would be able to play outside.

It was in Houston. Three months after we bought it, Hurricane Ike hit. It was a strong Category 2 hurricane, if memory serves, and Houston was hit hard.

Once the main part of the storm had passed, we went outside to assess the damage. (We didn’t have any power, so we were opening the house up, anyway.) It was still raining, but not too bad. There were trees down everywhere, blocking the road in more places than we wanted to count. The men on our street all got out chainsaws and started working together to clear the street. They didn’t have to discuss it, they just did it. The women started bringing out brooms to try to sweep the smaller debris over to the edges of the street. Our street was clear enough to drive on in just a few hours.

The house was very close to a railroad. Apparently, there was a switching station not too far from the house. Since getting power back to the railroad was a priority, our little dead-end street had power back in about 12 hours. The rest of the neighborhood was out for almost two weeks.

We lost a lot of trees, but there was no damage to the house. The roof was fine, the brick walls were intact, the windows were all still where they were supposed to be. We were thrilled. Everything had gone so well, and we had survived a major storm with no headaches. My husband and I agreed that we were never going to move again.

Two years later, we were signing papers on our home in Colorado. Well, at least we learned our lesson about saying “never”! 🙂

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