The second inspiration for my book

When I was much younger, I liked posters. I didn’t really have one specific theme I gravitated towards, I just liked things I thought were pretty. Abstract art, landscapes, people, fairy tales, animals. Whatever caught my eye. Mom and Dad pretty much let me wallpaper my room with posters. It was great.

There was one poster that I had, for probably two or three years, right where I’d be staring when I was trying to go to sleep. It was really pretty: there were cliffs on each side of a waterfall, a full moon rising over the water, and a single wolf perched on one of the cliffs, howling at the moon. On nights that I couldn’t fall asleep, I’d just stare at it. There were several nights, just before I fell asleep, where my eyes would start playing tricks on me. I’d think that I saw the wolf’s mouth start to move. Half of me thought that was a little freaky, but the other half of me thought it was incredibly cool!

All these years later, I still remember those nights. So, that’s what I did to my heroine. The night that Kenzie draws the first picture she’s going to jump into, she has no idea that she has the ability. She’s in bed, just staring at the picture. She’s pulled to it, and very proud of it, so she just stares at it. When she thinks that she’s about to go to sleep, she sees part of the picture start to move. Instead of falling asleep, she actually becomes the woman in the picture. That starts her on a journey that changes her life in ways she couldn’t possibly imagine. She actually becomes the woman that she drew, and now she gets to live two (very different!) lives. One is here, in the real world, and one is there, in a world that she created. It’s fun to watch her trying to balance the two.

I admire her. I don’t know if I would have been able to handle that kind of a situation at her age!

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