Sharing My Book

As I’m getting more involved in the blogs of others, I’m noticing a theme in the blogs of writers: they like to share their books. Five paragraphs here, two or three chapters there. I’ve seen several blogs where you can read the writer’s entire book, one blog post at a time. It made me wonder, since I’m pretty new to blogging:

Is this the norm?

Maybe I’m stingy, but I don’t want to do that. I want to be a novelist, to have my books be my primary source of income. If I give my readers my entire book on my blog, over however many blog posts, what is their motivation to buy it? I do intend, of course, to talk about my books, my characters, my settings, my plot. But that’s to get interest going. I want people to read the blog posts, and then want to read the book.

Please don’t think that I’m trying to talk badly about these other blogs. I’m legitimately curious. Is this the norm? Should I be sharing much more of my book on here?

Maybe it’s just that these bloggers are looking for feedback on their books. (I’ve seen plenty of them asking for comments/suggestions/assistance.) I was lucky enough to have my own personal editors: my mother, my best friend, and my eldest daughter. The three of them read my books one chapter at a time. As soon as I was done with a chapter, I emailed it to two of them, showed it to the third. And it worked out well for me. Perhaps, since I had those three, I won’t understand what these other people are trying to do.

Regardless, I’d appreciate your honest opinions: Should I be sharing more of my book on my blog? Is this a successful marketing strategy? Am I being unintentionally stingy?

Thank you for your time and feedback!

3 thoughts on “Sharing My Book

  1. First, I’m glad that you like the excerpt about Father Francis from my book-in-progress that I posted on my blog. Secondly, I am taking your tack, posting information and excerpts, but not entire chapters. I am part of a critique group of other writers that can give me feedback, although I also welcome it from my blog readers and followers. Keep writing!

    • Yes, your excerpt was great! I didn’t mean to get on my soapbox, I was just confused. What you did with the excerpt was great. It made me want to read more about this man, to see how he turned out. The other blogs I’ve seen, where people will post their entire book, are enjoyable, but I have no desire to buy their books. After all, I’ve already had the opportunity to read the whole thing! I was just curious about how other people felt about how much a writer should post.

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