Headshot Horror, take 2

(You can see the original Headshot Horror post here.)

Well, I did it. I got my picture taken this week, and sent it to my publisher. I have my picture on the publisher’s website! It’s somewhat surreal to me still. This is the one I used:

Bio Pic

My bio, as listed on the website:

Katie Lea Yates is a wife, mother of two, and storyteller. Her earliest memories of story-telling stretch back to elementary-school-aged sleepovers, where she’d tell stories to her friends before they went to sleep. She started writing poetry in middle school, and graduated to writing novels as an adult. The Provider (the first book in a Young Adult Fantasy trilogy) is the first novel that she actually submitted for publication. She was born in Texas, raised by parents with big hearts and slightly warped senses of humor. She now resides in Colorado with her husband, daughters, and one slightly psychotic cat. Her hobbies include traveling, spending time with friends and her ever-growing family, reading, correcting people on the pronunciation of her middle name (it’s “Lee”), and trying to understand the thousands of people near her who bleed Bronco blue-and-orange.

Being limited on the number of words was even harder on me than I thought it would be! I lost track of how many versions of this bio I went through, and my publisher still had to take a sentence out of what I sent her. Here, where I’m not limited, I’m going to do a little bit of expounding on what I put in the bio.

About my parents: my dad has much more of a warped sense of humor than my mom does. And that’s not an insult. He’ll be the first one to tell you that he wins in that category.

The missing sentence: I am not an only child. I have one brother by blood, and my parents fostered close to a dozen other children. No, we were never all in the house at the same time. I think the highest number at one time was four or five. Somehow, though, I still managed to wind up being the baby. It bothered me when I was younger, now I’m happy about it. (“You’re older than I am” is one of my favorite phrases!)

Traveling: I LOVE to travel! This isn’t a minor hobby, it’s the main hobby. If I had unlimited amounts of money, I’m not sure I’d even own a house. I would probably spend all of my time in cars, RVs, planes, or cruise ships. The background picture here on my blog is one that I took on my most recent trip to Alaska. (If you don’t have “visit Alaska” on your bucket list, I recommend that you put it on there. It’s BEAUTIFUL!) I’ve been to more than half of the U.S. states, to the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, and I’ve even made it to Europe once.

The Bronco reference: I didn’t grow up in a sporty house. We didn’t have anything against sports, we just didn’t watch them often enough to call ourselves “fans” of any particular sport or team. Colorado is totally different! Broncos fans are practically a cult. And it’s not a “take it or leave it” mentality. You either love them passionately, or you hate them passionately. People have the team colors/logo on clothing, cars, flags, yards. Everything. I’m not kidding. I’ve seen houses during the winter have Bronco snow-statues in their yards. They scrape all the snow together, form it into the Bronco head, and spray-paint it. If there’s no snow, they’ll spray-paint the logo onto their grass. It’s been quite an experience!

So, long story short(er), that’s me! Nice to meet you! 🙂

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