What’s the book about?

I think, as an author, this is the hardest question for me to answer. Well, hardest question for me to answer succinctly. 😉 I wrote a ninety thousand word novel, and now I’m supposed to sum it up in just a few hundred words?

The way that I summarized it best, I think, was in my query letter. (For those of you who haven’t been through the process of trying to get a novel published, a query letter is what you send to agents/publishers to try to get them interested enough in your novel to ask for the entire manuscript.) If you want to know what my book is about, here’s a preview:

I’m sure everyone dreams of having some kind of super power; I just never thought I’d actually get one. Especially not at the age of fourteen. When I found out that I could jump into any drawings I made, I thought it was pretty cool. The first time I made the jump, I became nineteen-year-old Alana. Not only was she the leader of her people, she had special powers that she used to provide for their needs. Using sand and imagination, I could get anything my/her people needed. It was a pretty awesome power trip for a young teenager!

I started splitting my time between the real world, where I’m just Kenzie Ward, and Alana’s world, where I’m the Provider. Courtesy of my art teacher in the real world, I learned there’s a colony of people who share my ability to jump into works of art. As Kenzie, I went to live in this new colony and explore my new-found talent. With my parents’ blessing, of course. As Alana, I was getting ready to take the next major step in my life: being Assigned a husband.

Well, that’s what I was doing until I took a trip to Alana’s world and my life was threatened. It seems someone realized I wasn’t who I seemed to be, and they didn’t like it.

So, I’d have to say that I’m in more than a little bit of a pickle. The woman who started the artists’ colony where I live now had her life threatened in a made-up world, and she ended up being murdered. If it happened to her, it’s entirely too possible that it could happen to me! Just like that, I found myself trying to solve a mystery that’s more than a century old.

While I’m doing that, I also need to figure out who else came from the real world to Alana’s world to threaten me, preferably find out why they want me dead, get married as Alana, understand why I have Alana’s abilities even when I’m Kenzie, and try to not lose the Kenzie part of myself altogether.

Not to mention that I need to do it all while staying alive. Yeah, no problem.

My story has been written by a thirty-ish stay-at-home mom as her debut novel. She’s calling it THE PROVIDER, a young adult fantasy, and has it completed at just over 91,000 words. It’s the first book of the CHILD OF PICTURES series. The second book, THE PRIOR, is also complete, and the third book is in progress. I just hope I don’t croak before she’s done writing the whole series.

On behalf of Kenzie Ward, I am,

Katie Lea Yates

(I hope you enjoyed the preview! The Provider is going to be released in July of this year.)

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